Have you ever wondered what role in the police is represented by a Horse?

March 19, 2010

It’s race day this week at well, er somewhere anyway, but have you met the horse in your Force? There is always someone who behaves like a horse in each Force. Perhaps there is more than one of these horses in each Force.  Spooky.

Normally they are at least of an Inspector rank, sorry Gadget, they sit in a nice plush office, not that Gadget does that cos he doesn’t, they can go running at meal times, work 8-4, are rarely dynamic but wield some power. In fact they are rather motionless and boring.

In Shireshire one horse type person is the Crime Registrar. This Inspector ranking officer mulls over decisions of what crime a crime should be recorded as but it takes them weeks and weeks to reach a decision. In the weeks and weeks that go by as we eagerly await a decision we wonder what actually goes on?

No one tells us you see because it must be a secret but our guess is that the Inspector emails the regional crime recording bods who sit in their offices and host buffet meetings but who equally mull over decisions. These bods then email the Home Office and so forth. It must take a minimum of 4 weeks for Crime registrars to answer specific questions.

It’s rather hilarious really so for every crime registrar out there The Twining  Chronicles on this day, as we await the races, names you “The Horse.”


  1. I’m wondering if I ever use a horse?

  2. I never met many horses in the Job but did meet quite a few asses.

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