The end of an era….The Bill is axed by ITV…

March 28, 2010

The Twining Chronicles can reveal that this is a sad day in British policing history, indeed it is; ITV are scrapping “The Bill;” an insider stated this decision was made because in recent time viewings have dropped from 8 million or so to half that.

We are going to mourn the loss of this iconic British police drama that has been around for 25 years and here we reflect back on some moments. No one will forget Burnside, the cocky cockney whose side burns lit the streets of the Met. He did things his way.

And as for Reg, the bumbling PC, bumbling he may have been but he often got results. Oh and Tony Stamp was the backbone of the “t drinking” smiling PBO type policemen, caring and a bloody good advanced driver. Do you remember Jim Carver when he had problems with the bottle?

And what about some of the hard-hitting characters now; we have Sergeant Stone who is currently suspected for allegedly beating up a male perpetrator of domestic violence who gave Stone a good kick in. We never saw Stone commit any assault! What a character; always get the job done. A good uniform Serge who lost control momentarily and may have to pay for this by losing his job.

And Smithy rose from the ranks of PC, where he suffered the indignation of being described as racist, an ex armed forces chap who joined the police,  smithy has risen to the rank of Inspector, and I think our very own Gadget would approve of Smithy’s flare and style. Smithy is no racist, just a good copper.

Then there’s Jack Meadows, CID through and through, this old-timer seems to be a little upset at the  Metropolitan Police Commander who has been gate crashing Sunhill. A bit like many Commanders this one seems to have all the management speak but her competence leaves much to be desired. We wish she’d keep her nose out of it.

And she has taken a shine to the new uniform Sergeant, can’t remember her name, but she was involved in the taking of Stone’s legs. (This is called mentoring – what the Commander is doing.)  Well it’s a sad day, some say the drama will be brought by another channel. Let’s hope so because the way the programme is being delivered of late it was soon to break into the US market. POST YOUR VIEWS IN SUPPORT OF THE BILL here.


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