Good news for the Met: G20 officer did not assault vile “victim.”

March 31, 2010

A Met Sergeant has been cleared of assaulting a protester at G20 last year. Two independent witnesses came forward after viewing what they termed “unfair media coverage” of the incident. They stated their attention was drawn to Ms Fisher, who was hyperactive, appeared agitated, aggressive, and in their words, was also  playing up to the press. However she did get some 26k for selling her story. We feel the newspaper should now claim this back from Ms Fisher.

The witnesses also stated that the Sergeant was vulnerable as his colleagues were trying to pre-empt trouble from another direction when Ms Fisher, “the victim,” dished out vile abuse at the Sergeant. She also threw orange juice at the officer. What a waste of orange juice and not eco-friendly either.

A good result for the job. We, and a few other MORE RECOGNISED police bloggers, reported on this at the time and stated that the Sergeant had used reasonable force, he was threatened and WE FELT that Ms Fisher was the agitator. Interestingly it was news that the Sergeant was a Black Sergeant, LOOKS BLACK TO US, but unsurprisingly there was no comment from the NBPA. This is not unusual for the NBPA as a caucus group have been incompetent.

Alas a great result for freedom policing and policing protests. Members of the public please note: If you want to throw abuse and things at an officer to agitate them under very extreme public order situations do expect a response. Ms Fisher, shame on you, you should be reported for  threatening behaviour.



  1. A serious attempt to oust Gadget as the most public hostile and libellous police blogger, Sgt T?

  2. I think Gadget is his own man and I am mine. Ms Fisher tried to use the force of justice for her own ends. It was never about what was right or wrong for her. And to suggest she stood for freedom is a slight on alot of us who frankly work very very hard. She used the system. She abused the Sergeant. It was vile.

  3. OI! Melv! Take yer meds you sad troll!

    If not it’s the men in white coats, the wrap round shirt and the rubber room for you Doc!

  4. Just so long as the £26k of media-money gets deducted from her tax-payer funded benefits, I’ll consider it a win.

    Though I’d understand it if Sergeant Smellie, after all the stress and invective he’s unjustly had to suffer, doesn’t feel the same.

  5. Sgt T;

    Good post. I can’t see how this is in anyway “libelous.”

    Melvin; I suggest you learn to spell or return that Doctorate you purchased off the internet for 50p & a bunch of grapes.

    • I am never without sympathy for your persistent angst and readily confess to enjoying an occasional and restful exchange with any intellectual dwarf.

      • Ah Melvin, you do me an honour sir with that wonderful sublime swipe at my intellectual prowess.

        You truly are a cancerous pollock on the anus of humanity.

  6. Melvin, dear chap, is your doctorate in proctology?

  7. Dr Gray,

    Which part is libellious? I have to say that I don’t condemn unlawful use of force, however in this case and in the circumstances, there was no way the use of force was anything other than lawful.

    The police police and force is a part of that.

    Politics and the Tomlinson case caused this case to go to court.

    The evidential test for the CPS in relation to Sgt Smellie was clear; no assault.

    Sergeant T.

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