Yesterday’s Bill…Master class…

April 2, 2010

If anyone didn’t see The Bill yesterday we would advise they watch it. Master class. This episode was about policing a football match, violence, a lack of resources to hold supporters in one location, and pressures. The Borough Commander was at it again, totally undermining the decision of Jack Meadows again; the look on his face when she questions his judgement is brilliant. We think he wants to tell her to go home. A hot debrief followed and Jack stuck to his guns. Good man.

There was also some focus on Sergeant Stone who has returned from suspension for allegedly assaulting a member of the public. All eyes were on him; the Borough Commander seemed determined to question Stone’s credibility.Stone was spat at in the face by a known football nominal; Smithy looked at Stone but Stone didn’t assault the thug. It is clear that something was troubling Stone. Coming out of suspension when all eyes are on you must be difficult and the producers put the focus on Stone well. This episode continues but was interestingly timed as it went around the same time Sergeant Smellie was acquitted of assaulting a G20 protester.



  1. Hello Twining Im back blogging. I dont watch the bill anymore since joining the job but used to love it. Cant beat PC Tony Stamp in the area car.

    I have been there at football being a PSU officer, having no staff to deal with a 1000 supporters coming from the train station and having no intel on their risk element other than a few spotters from their forceworking with ours.

  2. Dare I say it on behalf of ASNT and me, we missed you!

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