***Newsflash***All PSD staff are Nulabour or are they?.

April 9, 2010

We, here at The TC, believe all PSD staff are currently Nulabour but are equally allegedly happy to convert to David Cameron if he gets in.

They certainly have said under no circumstances will they convert to Nick Clegg because he has called the other two parties “corrupt.”

Interesting comment from Nick Clegg. Seems like most PSD staff are however very enthusiastic about their work; so enthusiastic that they rarely smile. Are they miserable because they get lots of overtime?

Some, however, would argue PSD are oppressive in their tactics and rather “institutionally copperist.”

Thank god for PSD’s.


  1. You are all fucking TWATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Is this contributor talkins about us all,including PSD, or everyone excluding PSD?

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