Nick Griffin and his cronies are jokers – no ifs, no buts….

April 22, 2010

Griffin states that it was the work of a joker in the party that resulted in the appearance of a Marmite jar in their political party broadcast.

Personally, here at the Chronicles, we love Marmite. As for the BNP, well, lets move on shall we. Incidentally Nick strikes a mighty pose with his Brylcreem. Sadly we rather love that too.

We have to say that Unilever have taken out an injunction against the BNP and have categorically stated they are not aligned to any political party.

Good for them. But the funny thing is even the marketing cronies in the BNP are not good at what they do.

Is that Winston Churchill we see in the background, war medals and books. Hmm. Nick couldn’t even read at Cambridge University.


One comment

  1. And on the left hand side behind Nick the Dick are the 8 volumes of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, probably purchased from The Folio Society, a mail order book store. I know cos I have them too, never read them, fell asleep after the first chapter!

    What a Banker Nick the Dick is (and the description is intentional, the alternative starting with a ‘W’) is at least pleasant which is more than I can say for Bankers or Nick the Dick) he imagines the type of low life that would vote for the BNP would even know what the books, or indeed the Roman Empire were far less recognise them.

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