Happy St George’s day April 23rd 2010

April 25, 2010

Belated it may be, but happy St George’s day. Chiefs dare not put this flag up just in case members of the community are alarmed by its stolen meaning. Fact is, we need to own this flag, not the right-wing. So here at The Twining Chronicles we would like to claim the flag back. It belongs to England; therefore it is ours. Only a Chief with kahunas would have allowed the flag to fly high on Friday, but we’re sure there is a policy written by a “dimwit” in a suit or shiny arse police officer somewhere that forbids the placing of this flag above a police building.

Oh we forgot, our Chiefs have no kahunas.



  1. April 19th?

    Twining, go and look up the birth date (and death date) of England’s great bard (debated) and you will see what the real date for St. George’s day be.

  2. It is the way it is .. But let’s put the negative seizure of the flag to one side.

    IT DOES belong to us all and if you can feel pride in what it represents, don’t matter what Colour you are or Religion you follow – YOU ARE ENGLISH.

  3. Zig Zag, I stand corrected, it was Friday, and that was the 23rd…….

    SOC – It belongs to me; what is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine…

  4. You spoil us far too much Sgt T and on this occasion I am obliged to wish you a belated happy Al-Hijra in return.

  5. I am afraid Al-Hijra deosn’t ring a bell. My point is we shouldn’t cause fear by the raising of this flag.

    The Chiefs knbow exactly what they are doing; they are playing politically correct games here, and that really is like pee’ing in the wind!

    One day perhaps they’ll pee over themselves too.

  6. All the squabbling over the english flag and saint george is pathetic. Makes me glad to be WELSH!! We will put up with anybody Max Boyce still makes a living and unfortunately Nick Grifrfin has set up shop in Wales!! Our patron Saint at least set foot in our promised land!!!

  7. When I was researching the recruitment of minority ethnic people into the police during the 1990s, I visited West Midlands Police HQ for a meeting with their recruitment officer. It was St George’s Day and, unexpectedly, I was invited to a special, annual lunch held in the ‘Officers’ Mess’ and hosted by the Chief Constable. The mess was decorated in white and red crossed bunting, hung all around the room. A Detective Superintendent was later thanked for his artistic work.

    There were no women or members of minority groups at the lunch. After the sweet course (it took on an odd, sour taste) we retired to leather arm chairs in a lounge area. The Chief Constable toasted St George and asked us to sit and listen to the playing of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. At the end of the music the recruiting officer, a Superintendent, whispered, ‘Simon, would you like the National Front to escort you to the railway station?’

  8. That was in the 90’s.

    And I thought Detective Super’s were not artistic?

    It’s how one celebrates that is important.

    Never to the exclusion of others.

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