The BNP and a group of Asian lads clash.

May 7, 2010

This was interesting.  Admittedly the Asian youth should not have spat at the BNP candidate, but something has sparked the lads to walk over to the BNP. An 18 year old has been to the police station and reported a common assault. Hmm, apparently these lads stood up to a BNP contingent consisting of an ex marine. They were outnumbered, but there was a good kick in occurring. The BNP are thugs. Looks like they said something, wound the youths up, or the youths were wound up because the BNP were present. If the BNP have caused this then they should be prosecuted. If both parties have caused this then both need to be dealt with for affray. Either way the BNP seem to have some young ones on side, something we have been saying for a long time. Griffin and the elders walk away, whilst the young ones do the dirty work. Some quick work and a prosecution on this would send a serious message to these asses. Otherwise this could escalate into some night-time work for the BNP resulting in a serious racial incident in the area .

This turf belongs to the police, not to the BNP.



  1. If you look at the video, you will see that it was the Asian yobs who confronted the BNP canvassers. It was also the Asian yob who gobbed in the face of the canvasser. Are you really blind, or simply another left-wing idiot?

    We saw how Smellie re-acted to ‘words’, we can only guess at police re-action if somebody spat in your faces! But, hey. It was only BNP supporters, eh?

  2. Dickie I am neither blind, nor a left wing idiot. Tea? Now, do you have any idea what happened prior to the video? I don’t….That doesn’t make me an idiot.

    Reasonable force Dickie. Thuggery might not be reasonable force….Some of the abuse that the BNP dished out was sort of power oriented wasn’t it.

    Well if the BNP didn’t already pee the Asian lads off their words did….”There’s more of us…Why don’t you just f off…”

    Those sort of things Dickie…And I thought you liked me bro…Please do comment on some of the other things I have said like how the youngster’s do the dirty work, whether one of the BNP was indeed a marine or ex marine….

  3. It’s quite clear that the Asian lads started it, they confront the BNP, then one of them spits at the tubbiest racist.

    Spitting is one of the most disgusting things a human can do – and indeed in many asian cultures it’s seen as an incredibly insulting thing, well worthy of an arse-kicking.

    The BNP are scum, I’m glad they’ve been made to look like idiots and wimps, but lets not kid ourselves that the Asian thugs were hapless victims. The incident was entirely of their making, and all they’ve done is help prove that the BNP aren’t entirely lacking a point.

  4. Met Probie, welcome, I have no idea what led to this, or what the BNP may have done before we see what was captured on video, if indeed they did do anything to provoke it? Or whether the Asian lads were pee’d that the BNP were pedalling on their doorstep?

    I have stated that the Asian lad has committed an assault. But there is a sore point here, the BNP weren’t peacefully protesting. Their message is full of hate. Did they go into an area where the BME community is established to stir hatred and get votes? And if so, like the younger ones here, does their behaviour, (free speech), have the potential to spark of racial assaults in the area? The police will be the people picking up the pieces of hate, no one else.

    “Tubbiest” racist – your reference makes me laugh. The message of the BNP related to robberies think. The big Asian bloke would stand out in terms of a robbery offender as would the one that spat. Be safe, and again, welcome…

  5. A polite skipper, whatever next?! 😉

    Thanks for the welcome, esp. in the face of my stern disagreement.

    Lets be clear – the BNP are scum, their candidates are scum, and their supporters are usually pondlife as well. They do play on people’s distrust and prejudice – but quite frankly, it’s a free country and if people feel like that, the BNP are entitled to use that to get votes!

    I find Labour incredibly offensive, and find many of the policies as damaging (and thus distasteful) as I do the moronic ramblings of Griffin and his ilk – even more so because Labour’s crap ideas actually become policy!

    I don’t think I’ve got the right to go and spit on any Labour candidates that go canvassing in my area, and it’s clear from the attitude, actions and body language of the asian lads in that video that they are just as much scum as the BNP are.

    I suspect we’d disagree strongly on matters of race and diversity when it comes to legislation – for a start I think it’s a travesty that you can’t be a member of the Police/Armed Forces etc if you are a member of the BNP. They are a legal (if despicable) political party, and that is prejudice and bullying that is as insidious as any racism.

    We are supposed to be a democracy, and people are supposed to be free to vote for who they like, regardless of how unpleasant the rest of us find it. Otherwise what next, UKIP supporters banned from the Met? No Tories in GMP? That would be outrageous, so why is banning the BNP not? The principle is the same.

    Judging from the HR Live forum in Metrocity, I’m not the only one that thinks this.

  6. Problem is, if we had BNP members, could we be forced back to the days of Blair Peach gate? I guess not but back then police officers, it is alleged from the SPG, stored home made weapons, (something which goes hand in hand with the right wing.)

    So, but really do we want the risk of employing people who support racist thuggery? Polite skipper? Hmmm. Behave! We can disagree I guess, but if we are to have any impact on hate crime then my view is we need to lead from the front. As for the Met HR Forum, what can I say about Martin Tiplady and his cronies? Is he a lady? Or is he just topsy turvy?

    Met colleagues have a very difficult job. We are in a democracy that allows freedom of speech, but that speech, no matter how peaceful it may seem, grabs onto the innocence of youngsters who then go out and beat people up. we were there in the 70’s with the NF. The other thing is that the BME community have lacked trust in the service; they don’t want BNP members in. We really don’t want to go there. That’s why I guess the service don’t want BNP members.

    Like I said, who picks up the shit when it hits the fan? And remember, who gets blamed? We should be smarter than this, and I hope we will be. How can we best prevent hate? The other thing is that the BME community have lacked trust in the service; they don’t want BNP members in.

  7. Please do feed back to Tiplady that if he scrapped HR live then perhaps he could employ at least 1 more police officer! Ass! Him, and his HR, not you!

  8. You won’t ever find me defending the BNP – I probably dislike them more than you do, not least because assumptions are often made about my beefy 6’1 shaven-headed white frame.

    I don’t want BNP members in the police, but I don’t think we have the legal authority to stop them! It’s totally undemocratic to ban a LEGAL POLITICAL PARTY, and I think the only reason it hasn’t been challenged legally is that there is (thankfully) such a widespread distaste for the BNP and no-one is prepared to admit they are a fan.

    Banning the party is just a sop to BME groups – it solves nothing (there are still racists in the police, they just aren’t allowed to be members of their chosen party) and it makes people like me think “errr, hello, why does PS Twining get to decide which party I can and can’t join, because of the colour of his skin”.

    I think we’d probably disagree on hate crime too – I agree that racially motivated crimes are horrendous – but viewing two ABH’s objectively I don’t see how the same injuries to a random victim can be different because in one of them the scrote shouted ‘P***’ or ‘N*****’, whereas in the other one he shouted ‘t**t’ and ‘c**t’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I despise racists – the closest I’ve come to losing my rag and being nicked myself has been when my (duskier-than-me) better half has encountered blatant prejudice in front of my disbelieving eyes. My narrowly-averted explosion would’ve put the fat BNP guy to shame!

    I totally agree the police should lead in crushing all crime including racist attacks, but I don’t think that unethically banning a legal organisation to curry favour with lobby groups is the way to do it.

  9. Glad we both agree that Tiplady is a patronising idiot!

  10. MPS Probie, Oi! The reason I say what I say is I have been subject to race abuse, not once, not twice, not three times a lady! And the service is about the only thing that can nip it in the bud. No other service provider has the ability to nick abusers. In years to come, probably not in my lifetime, people will laugh and say, “How on earth did they allow such a blatantly racist group to exist legally.”

    When that happens the conversation you, I and Dickie, bless his cotton socks, have had will have made some difference. Sadly by then he will be 6 feet under and I might have been cremated. But until then we must all fight the good fight.


  11. Didn’t we all get a frisson of excitement from this? Someone spitting at the Nazis? Spitting at someone who deep down wants you dead? Didn’t we also see the BNP votes slipping down the drain when it all kicked off? Is this not what an open media is all about? Expose the BNP by giving them a platform and they will do the work for us!

  12. Those Asian thugs got off lightly, if more people kicked the shit out of people who spat in their faces, life would probably get violent for a while but I guess less people would spit on other people’ faces.

  13. All- hello to you. Ok, so do we prosecute the BNP lads for practising their freddome of speech,and hands, or do we prosecute the Asian lads for practising thier right against hatred for the sake of the colour of their skin or faith, (if they were Muslim), or do we do nothing?

  14. WWD; Expose the BNP by all means, also the scores of LIB/LAB/CON officials who have been CONVICTED of serious crimes, as well as police officers ditto. http://eotp.wordpress.com/

    “Expose the BNP by giving them a platform and they will do the work for us.” Hmmm, just as YOU are doing by your silly comment about getting excitement from seeing yobs gobbing in somebody’s face. God help us!

  15. Dickie, calm down chap. I am not excited by youth’s gobbing in a BNP candidate’s face. I have already said that was wrong, note my comment about they have committed an assault.

    Perhaps you should try living on the receiving end of “paki bashing” mate. Until you’ve been there don’t lecture me with what you think I believe.

    That knocks my credibility and ability. If anything I am worried that the BNP thugs will go and carry out a night time assault because they were humiliated. As for the ex marine, if there is one in that clip. Shame.

    Which other comment makes me an idiot mate? I am just expressing freedom of speech without hate, that’s alot more than what the BNP do.

  16. […] BNP and Asians clash. « THE TWINING CHRONICLES – A BRITISH POLICE … […]

  17. Twiners; DO read what I said! My remarks were addressed to WWD!!!!!

    “Until you’ve been there…” Yes, matey, I have. In Ladbroke Grove many years ago.

    “Don’t lecture me on what you think I believe…” There is no THINK about it! You clearly state, many times here and before, that all BNP are thugs, scum, etc.

    Not much doubt about that, me thinks!

    Strange how all of them are, don’t you think?

    Quite comparable to another idiot labelling ALL police officers as ‘institutionally racist’!

    Do you realise that such generalisations include YOU?

    Because, like MacPherson, you lot make no allowances for decent people.

  18. PS. I never mentioned ‘gobbling’!

  19. I don’t recall saying all BNP are thugs.

    In the video these are definately thugs. Are they saints? They are preaching hate.

    Griffin and most other BNP candiates are thugs in suits.

    They pull in innocent people also.

    Which other idiot are you talking about?

    That’s the whole point, your experience was years ago…

    Makes you a dinosaur in terms of change possibly.

  20. What the F is WWD?

  21. World Weary Detective!

  22. Try reading lines 5 and 6 of your blog, then repeat that you didn’t call all BNP thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. You are a dinosaur! The BNP as an organisation is an organisation led by thugs? Are you saying the leaders are not thugs?

  24. Voting BNP does not keep Labour out of no 10 and I suspect that may have been part of the reason why they did so badly this time.
    If proportional representation is introduced, -the Lib Dems want it,- smaller parties incuding the BNP are likely to do better.

  25. Bluenight – that’s bad news….The Lib Dems think they are liberal, they will open the door for asses like the BNP, and all becuase they need a way in.

  26. I reckon that a lot of BNP voters are ordinary working people who are fed up with the misapplication of the Human Rights Act, political correctness and uncontrolled immigration and think that the BNP are the only party that will do anything about it. Hopefully the new Govt will make the right decisions and the BNP will fizzle out…

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