Mumbai terrorist Kasab sentenced to the death penalty.

May 7, 2010

An Indian court has sentenced a Pakistani man to death over the Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people.

“Mohammad Ajmal Kasab was the only one of the ten gunmen captured alive following the three-day rampage in November 2008 which targeted key landmarks, including two luxury hotels, the main train station and a Jewish centre. The attack raised tensions between India and its nuclear-armed neighbour Pakistan.

Kasab was found guilty on Monday of more than 80 charges, including murder and waging war on India. The death penalty, which in India is carried out by hanging, must be confirmed by a higher court.”

Problem is, Pakistan want Kasab as a witness in their related trial of plotting these attacks. India, being India are probably worried that if Kasab goes back to pakistan he may escape or he may avoid the death penalty. So it’s no good if he’s dead.

It is a wonder that no one international UN court, if there is one, can deal with this so that offenders don’t get away.  The relationship between Pakistan and India is still so fraught that if inside information were leaked as to the travel arrangements of Kasab in Pakistan, one wonders what could happen? Why can’t Pakistan just gain the evidence via vidoe link or video statement?



  1. “Why can’t Pakistan just gain the evidence via video link or video statement?”

    Because that would be hearsay. The defence have to be able to challenge his evidence, pick holes in it – he might say anything to avoid another go with the rubber hoses.

  2. And the other reason Pakistan can’t really gain the information via videolink or statement is that without having him physically there they can’t torture him in to saying what they want, which isn’t how they work!

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