Cameron’s new cabinet, (2010): What has changed?

May 14, 2010

Oh well, it is quite interesting how we have moved on since the 80’s.  Some oldies are back; Clarke for one. Hague is another stalwart Thatcherite. We have one Muslim woman in the cabinet, who interestingly holds/held pretty homophobic views and dodged questions about this subject during the BNP question time. Not one Black face. And what is worse is that the new Home Sec looks really friendly. Oh well, a few more gang murders and they will think about placing a Black person in the cabinet then.



  1. Very few prospects for police but excellent ones in axe sharpening and gallows construction.

    Other happy changes beckon from these solid citizens. Gadget will get his with extra carping, unpaid overtime and useful home visits from PSD.

  2. Why?

  3. MTG – if you want to have a go at gadget, why on my blog?

  4. Tokenism Twining?

    I thought the point was to find the best (wo)man for the job regardless of skin tone or which sky pixie (s)he barracks for?

    (And obviously a party drawing their mass support from the ‘appallingly white’ English shires is going to return a lot of pasty-faced MPs to Parliament; it’s a simple combination of demographics and probabilities.)

  5. Who knows whether this is tokenism. Like I said the Homes Sec looks scary. As for Baroness Baroness, hmm, she is the Islamic face of the Tories. She can be good. But, she has risen for many reasons and one of the reasons at this time has got to be her faith. Don’t get me wrong, she is articulate, intelligent, and rather homophobic. Guess the Tories can’t be accused of letting the Muslim communities down! Thought they might have done the same for the other communities, you know bring in someone Black, Eastern European, etc. We really do fear Islam.

  6. “MTG – if you want to have a go at gadget, why on my blog?”

    I blame myself for not anticipating your remark, Sgt Twining.

    So now you make it very clear that you were not inviting opinion on differences a new cabinet would make to policing. Your topic, like most of your topics, was entirely focussed on perceived racial inequality which produces images exclusive to minds sharing your own type of sensitive film.

  7. […] Cameron’s n&#1077w cabinet, (2010): Wh&#1072t h&#1072&#1109 changed? « THE TWINING CHRON… […]

  8. Thanks MTG – sensitive are we? Or is it experience?

  9. Perceptions?

  10. Actually, I wonder what difference this new cabinet might make to policing?

    I also wonder what the Tories have given to the Black community historically?

    I also wonder why there are no other reps from the BME community.

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