News update: Federation Conference 2010

May 19, 2010
  1. The Police Federation warns about the rising numbers in civilian staff. The Federation also argues that there must be some negotiation about the ratio of police officer to police staff role – suggesting that the increase in the number of police staff might have had a disproportionate impact on diversity of police officers. Interesting.
  2. Nick Herbert suggests that more police officers should be doing what they do best – policing the streets. Does this mean the end of HR quangos and statisticians?
  3. Nick Herbert also intimates that the police quango, the NPIA, will be reviewed. Guess that means the Chief of this ship will lose his £24,000 perk of a London flat. Perhaps he will lose some of his defunct and laboriously administrative numbers of police staff as well. How on earth has he been able to continue like this? Perhaps trips abroad for senior officers and their mates might also be gone very soon. When is Neyroud retiring?
  4. The Commissioner has not taken bonus payments since 2005 it is suggested. He has called for an end to police officer performance related bonuses; bonuses which caused friction and caused officers and teams to compete against each other. Motivation in policing is about public service and duty, not dividing teams through PDR’s. The Commissioner has also called for the removal of such payments to other Senior ranks.


  1. T – Excellent post my friend.

    1. Police staff cost the force £2.7billion in 2009 for 82,181 people (Avg £32,462) Officer to staff ratio is 1.75:1 Cost of police officers inc overtime, pensions, bouns etc £7.6billion. The officer to staff ratio is 2.79:1

    The really scary bit is what everyone seems to have neglected to mention…. OVERTIME! The £400m they bleat on about in the press…. do you know how much of that was paid to police staff? £63,200,000 – I’m sorry but I have to ask…. FOR WHAT?

    2. Yes, we all agree that Police Officers should and would rather be policing the streets… well the 20% or less that already are. The remaining 80% + are quite happy shining the arse of their trousers/skirts in some nice little office. With apologies to those genuinely in real operationally supporting roles. You get my drift… too many in it for the easy life. And yes, it’s time the quango gang and stats people had their roles validated and value tested.

    3. Don’t get me going on Mr Neyroud and his private members club. £400 million a year to run, private westminster flats with the benefit in kind tax paid for… And the accounts!! In the private sector, a business that has 200m in debt and pulls in only 36m would have been wound up by now as insolvent. But then, they will never be insolvent whilst funded by the public purse. In anser to your question, Neyroud leaves in September… counting the days. Oh, and how coincidental that his Chairman Peter Holland also announced his resignation within a few weeks on a pending Tory Government. Something tells me they guessed the game was up and that the Tory/Lib auditors will open the can and get covered in their worms. No surprise they’re jumpring ship before the excrement hits the oscillating machinery!

    4. The Commissioner may well be one of the few who resisted bonus payments, but then on a basic of £253,620 he can afford to pay his own utility bills, the rental on a £600,000 property, plus repair bills, childrens private eduucation and fuud a fully expensed car for his wife, unlike Sir Hugh Orde apparently, who racked up all these expense when he was shipped in from across the water.

    And they have the cheek to say they want the bonuses stopped now? How nice of them ride the gravy train for 6 years first, then wait until the Tory Auditors and kicking the doors in threatening to rip open their deceitfully cooked books!

    As a famous police blogger likes to say, “You couldn’t make it up.”

  2. T — Sorry about the spelling, I lose it when I’m ranting!

    ATB – Steve @ The Thin Blue Line

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