Nick Herbert: Please review the HR function or “dysfunction” inside policing

May 20, 2010

Or as we would say, the personnel function, because that’s where civilianisation has gone totally overboard. HR is about people creating little niches for themselves.  Please consider the HR Director’s also;  these are the ones that have created reams and reams of unnecessary functions full of unneccessary people and departments that Forces don’t need. Does each Force really need a second, third and Deputy in command in HR? No. I figure that just the wages alone for these incumbents amount to a saving of £70,000 per Force if you rid one of these roles. Multiply this by 43 and in bigger Forces add a few other HR roles and you will see where just some of the wastage is. By getting rid of two senior HR roles in each Force the total net national saving would be £3,010,000. This is just the beginning Mr Herbert. As for the NPIA? The National Police Improvement Agency?  Why have they allowed such over growth of staff and functions?

More warranted officers means more patrol on the streets. This in turn means when officers attend dangerous or life threatening incidents like a robbery with more operational resources offenders may think twice about “opportunism” to seriously injure police officers. In other words they may think twice about committing the original crime in the first place.

The police service doesn’t want rhetoric, it doesn’t need statisticians ar analysts; hell it doesn’t even need tokenistic recruiters, because people will always want to join the police. It needs a severe cut back in back room staff and an increase in front line staff. Simple. I hope the Thames Valley police officer that has been stabbed whilst stumbling across a robbery recovers soon. Put more officers on the streets and watch violent crime tumble.



  1. Twining,

    I howled with laughter when I discovered the NPIA, I’m an ex cop and couldn’t believe this organisation presented itself as a credible QUANGO; which, of course, it is.

    I have ranted long and weary that the labour government has always survived by authoritarian control over nationalised companies which, of course were mostly eliminated in the 70’s/80’s which ensured they would turn their attention to the NHS, Police, Education and the armed forces.

    Tragically, at the beginning of Blair’s tenure these organisations just didn’t present enough opportunity to control, so the QUANGO was fully developed. It did, of course exist before nulabour but not in the profligate manner it now exists.

    But the QUANGO, as with nationalised industries is labours easy and ‘quickfix’ solution to unemployment; they don’t need to deal with those nasty and difficult businessmen who are the first to admit that the dirty subject of ‘profit’ is what every family honestly strives for every day of their lives. The profit to buy the obligatory flatscreen; holiday in Benidorm?….profit; McDonald’s for the kids?….profit; Christmas presents instead of Christmas worship?…..profit.

    And we spend enough of our hard earned tax money to represent probably a 50% cut in our income tax bill, or enough to pay for a huge proportion of our national debt……in a single year!

    No wonder we are up sh*t creek, labour persistently rapes our countries society claiming to be pro worker, a status that no longer exists and we all fall for it.

    All of us ought to be forcing organisations like the NPIA out the door onto the dole queues where they belong.

  2. Nice to meet a Scottish brother. Welcome.

  3. Twining,

    Don’t know why at 53 years old I still have this unquenchable alliance with the job, I could only suffer 11 years before the internal injustice got to me.

    I still live with the single principle of justice closest to my heart; we are nothing without it, a comforting principle if one observes its standards, an avenging angel should one step over the line.

    The problem is, as I see it, many people’s perverse perception of justice promotes absolution before punishment. I’m not religious but I don’t believe one human has the authority to ‘forgive’ another, the only one who can forgive himself is the transgressor but it’s incumbent on society to provide the facilities to allow them to do so, in other words, prison; a place for meditation if you like. The problem is ‘the lunatics run the asylum’ and mix punishment with rehabilitation; so what does a criminal expect when they face prison, punishment or…….well, something considerably less.

    My belief is that rehab and punishment shouldn’t be mixed, punish criminals in a prison they will never want to return to but spend the rehab money when they come out. Help them stay away from their old environment, help educate them, help with jobs, housing, relationships, their gay inner being……anything just don’t mix it with punishment.

    And all you said was welcome!….LOL.

  4. Once a police officer always one; its a life changing form of employment if you can call it that. Remember when you took the oath. That feeling. Thats why you are so alligned.

  5. Twining,

    oddly, the oath didn’t mean much to me at the time, only that I was terrified I would forget what the words were.

    I joined the Police as a job, like several of my schoolmates I was roped in by a big recruitment drive at the time, I just liked the idea of actually earning some money at the time. No calling, no life changing event, just a 19 year old kid out for a laugh and wanting to pay for cars, booze and wimmen!

    I resigned with a pretty bitter taste in my mouth after the senior ranks sh*t all over me when my marriage fell apart; talk about vindictive, when you step outside the family unit with 2.4 kids, a dog, mortgage and a holiday every summer you are a rebel.

    What remains with me though is what I learned about people and to my mind we fall into 3 categories, nothing to do with class: The extraordinarily poor who have never had anything, never will have anything and are resigned to that, decent hard working people who would give someone in need their last penny: The extraordinarily rich who have had a life of privilege, born into generations of it and who will never lose it, they are generally uncommonly kind, do an awful lot of work behind the scenes and would also help anyone they came across; Then there’s us lot in the middle, with a few exceptions, ambitious, greedy, insensitive, selfishly focussed and mostly uncaring about doing someone over for our own benefit.

    Senior Police Officers seem to fit extremely well into the last category but it doesn’t exclude the rest of us.

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