Theresa May…Theresa May what? Who?

May 22, 2010

Beware the Gothic wrath of May. Don’t tread on her toes.

A sleepy summery look. Wakey wakey…Ms May…

Scary. Double scary. If looks could kill…

May could destroy the meaning of equality and fairness. She is the new Home Secretary and Equalities lead. So she woo’d Federation police officers at Conference 2010; problem is she has had some pretty nasty and homophobic views in the past. She voted against gay adoption in 2002 and against the repeal of Section 28 – the law which banned councils from “promoting” homosexuality – in 2000.

On Question Time 2 days ago, when Dimbleby further probed May’s views about sexual orientation she fumbled, looked pretty unclear and when she suggested she was “born again” her performance brought applause from Liberty’s Shami. However, this change of heart left alot of people wondering whether this was the first lie to come out of the Tory government.

Labour former minister Caroline Flint, a fellow guest on the programme, said: “I’m pleased Theresa’s changed her mind and we should accept when people change their mind and welcome that.”  But she said she was “very proud” of Labour’s record on gay rights and that the party had started a debate when the issue was unpopular, with little support from the Conservative front bench.

Who brought in Sheehy? Sad thing is May is in a position of power and I have met people like her; they simply don’t change their views overnight or over time even though they say they have. Whilst May might sound pleasing at the moment she could turn out to be very similar to Jacqui Smith and Clarke; pompous and stubborn. True, the service is going through a “honeymoon period,” with the Tories, but honeymoons rarely last. A wise TWINING proverb says, “Don’t be fooled by a wagging tongue for the words MAY have no meaning.”



  1. Twining, you are a rambling, bumbling oaf.

    and a TWAT !!!

  2. And you are a serial hater of the police. A bigot. So go you know!

  3. I suppose I could be termed a bigot by the bigoted.
    I happen to believe that if the Good God intended men to have anal sex, He would have organised a womb down there.

    In other words, in my view theres nothing wrong with her perspective on homosexuality

  4. Assuming there is a God but what if only nature creates life and death? We have no proof of God and science tells us that orientation is in the make up.

  5. May is a hard woman and sometimes comes across as very very venomous. I would not trust her. Worse still if she dislays a similar attitude in policing, her misdirection will cause policing problems on the front line in terms of policing ethnicity. Is that a risk worth taking?

  6. “…Yes; he’s been pissing me off on my blog too.

    A rude, arrogant and hater of police.

    He is vile. .. ”

    Twining, you need a noun in that second sentence. You Dummy.

  7. No improvements to police services can result from posting obscenities/insults on police blogs.

    I would appeal to any member of the public who chooses to do so, to consider his actions are no better than those of rogue police. Please do not prejudice reasoned cases for reforms.

  8. Assuming there is a God but what if only nature creates life and death? We have no proof of God and science tells us that orientation is in the make up.

    Immaterial. Call it nature instead of a deity, if you like. Theres still no womb attached to anyones quoit.

  9. MTG – I have done neither, post abuse or obscenity.

    Oi-Man has no womb, you are right. But we know that man can be attracted to man, and woman to woman. That doesnot give people the power to treat these people unfairly, does it?

  10. Sgt Twining,

    Amongst the remains of the present tally of police bloggers, yours is one of only three conducted with honour and decency. I campaign for the closure of the majority of these blogs; discplinary action against culprits and a regulated restart.

    I have never inferred misconduct on your part.

  11. MTG – You will not get disciplanary action and I really don’t think disciplinary action is right and proper.

    What is the justice you seek? Amongst the blogs you talk about there are a good many that have suggested consistently that policing and the public sector can be leaner, not meaner.

    No one listened inside whilst these fellow bloggers were talking. People described our work as pieces of “fiction.” Not quite. Most police coleagues will not lie. Gadget is honest. Bloggs is honest. Thinblueline is honest. These are but a few. I don’t always agree with Gadget, but as an Inspector I respect him.

    Now, things must change. The justice I seek is fairness and decency to all. You have to be tempered please. Work with good colleagues to get change. These are not bad people.

  12. “MTG – You will not get disciplanary action and I really don’t think disciplinary action is right and proper.”

    Speaking on behalf of the government and all CC’s/PSD teams in the UK, I am sure your good intention was to save me much unnecessary trouble.

    Having earlier praised your blog, I redress this with reference to your very un British and dislikeable habit of crawling for colleague approval.

  13. MTG – Chill. I don’t speak on behalf of any PSD. Believe me there’s no point. I do not seek approval from anyone or anything. I say and do what I feel is right.

    CC’s and PSD’s may want to out police bloggers but that is not because they think it’s best for everyone, it is because they fear what police bloggers say getting out; the truth.

    I often diasgree with Gadget and he knows that well. MTG-what is bothering you?

  14. The Government, I don’t think so; the same Government, (Nulabour), that referered to police blogs as rhetoric and science fiction? I also don’t think the Tories would now want to out bloggers because the **** has hit the fan. There’s alot of wastage in the public sector.

  15. You are a twat, Twining!!

  16. Oh and you must have lots of time on your hands? We all know what that means?

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