June 3rd 2010 – A sad day…

June 3, 2010

A woman stands before floral tributes on June 3, 2010, at the site where Rugby League player Garry Purdham was shot dead in Boonwood, Gosforth, in the rural region of Cumbria, northwest England. 11 more people were shot dead. What a sad sad day. A police service without arms cannot cope with such mass killings. Fundamental questions must be asked about public access and ownership of firearms. Storing weapons in your own house can be a danger to the public if you are going to “flip” as this killer did.



  1. Yes it was a very sad day, Sgt Twining. Our first thoughts must be with the family and friends of victims.

    Your superior knowledge of law enforcement disadvantages useful citizen comment, so I trust you are disposed to answering three questions for the clarification of your subject matter:

    1. By arming all police, how would the Cumbria massacre have been avoided?

    2. Swiss legislation has long required a gun to be kept in each home. Why have none of the dangers you expressed in this regard ever materialised there?

    3. Is it not true that citizens are at a thousandfold greater risk of being killed on the road than in one of the ‘mass killings’ you describe?

  2. … and had you been there, you would have saved the day, eh?

    You fucking stupid piece of shit.

  3. Troll – 1115 – you have a branch of intelligence. Just where it is I don’t know. The current set up does not allow police Forces to deal with this type of mass murder sporadic incident. You cannot confront a gunman without a gun just like you cannot confront a “trouble maker without intelligent behaviour.” Gun laws need to be reviewed.

    MTG – Your point 2 perhaps relates to our society. The suspect was a taxi driver, don’t know about his past, but I guess there were no warning signs. Perhaps Swiss people don’t flip. Can we compare demographics between Switzerland and the UK? Your point 1 – big question – How many police officers should be armed?

  4. Twining, I am not surpised that you do not know what intelligence is.

    Begt you’re grateful for quotas, eh?

  5. Troll, hello, do you have a job or career?

  6. Dont feed the troll Twining, removal is OK though…….

    Storing weapons in your own house can be a danger to the public if you are going to “flip” as this killer did.

    Of course that is correct. However, twice now, theres been a knee-jerk reaction to some twat running amok with a firearm, the prime result being ensuring that any armed person now, is a criminal safe in the knowlege that anyone he meets is defenceless.

    In Switzerland, there is an automatic weapon in every household.

    In New Zealand, there are firearms in many households.

    Two countries that I know of – and people running riot killing everyone that moves are remarkably thin on the ground!

    Australia has laws similar to the UK, and crime involving firearms is reasonably high there.

    Whatever the answer is, removal of firearms from ones home does not appear to be it.

  7. …. and what job is that you really *do*, quota boy?

  8. My god, isn’t that man awful?

    If he doesn’t like the police, why is he on this site?

    Take no notice Twining, he’s not worth it.

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