On June 7th Somerset 01 posted about Cumbria on Gadget’s blog…

June 8, 2010

“Somerset01 – I was on duty that day, in amongst it. We heard all the shouts coming over the radios as we all raced to wherever we could help. Everyone did their absolute best. We were shacking with rage and frustration that we could not find or stop him. Every time there was a clue as to where he had gone, we located another victim. The bobbies that confronted him could have done nothing more. They put themselves right in harms way and did all they could. The only other action they could have taken was to be killed themselves.

The press who came here have acted like complete parasites. All the locals are sick of them. The press have bullied, tried to bribe, threatened and attempted to trick their way into any sensationalist angle they can. As usual the daily heil is at the forefront of raping peoples grief. What I can say is that without exception, people have stopped officers in the streets to say thanks and don’t blame yourselves. Even some of the less likely supporters of the local constabulary ceased criminal activities to say “not your fault, you did all you could”.

The press have got really hacked off because they could find no-one to bite on their “police to blame for gunman killing people” story. Personally, I will never co-operate with the press in anyway again. Having seen them at work, they really are lowlife reptiles. Akin to rapists and drug dealers, for the misery, discontent and division they spread.”

Perhaps we need to reflect here. There are 3 points I would like to make.

(1) I doubt Cumbrian officers could have done anymore. Somerset 01’s account here must be listened to. Policing is also a victim of this tragedy. Those on duty will be thinking what more could they have done? Most bobbies in this country will be thinking about Cumbrian officers and showing their support. Thank you Somerset 01 for sharing what happened.

(2) Cameron needs to wind the media moguls necks in. They have to stop behaving like parasites. It begins to affect the lives of victims.

(3) Gadget has a valid point, routine arming will happen, it’s only a matter of time, it my take 10, 20, or 30 years, and if gun crime continues to rise or evolve then it is purely inevitable.



  1. I saw your 4th point before you deleted it, you’ll have to be quicker than that! 🙂

  2. Have to agree with every point.

    As a MOP I do wonder could the police have done more? But I am more than capable of realising that circumstances and chance meant they probably did not have the safe opportunity to do so and did everything they could. If Derrick Bird had turned left instead of right somewhere he might have run into an ARV – who knows what the outcome would have been then? Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20 vision. And as Cameron said – you cant legislate against a switch flicking inside someones head.

    I hate the press and the sensationalisation of this story. It distracts from the true tragedy and numbs us all to future events of similar proportion. Thankfully I know that most of the Great British public is capable of compassion but I often wonder for how much longer.

    I dont want to see the police armed – I believe it would bring around a general change in society for the worse, however I wont be surprised if it happens, and if put to public vote, I would support it. I wish as a MOP I could be more effective in helping the police. (aside from not breaking the law in the first place – which I dont – knowingly anyway!)

    Thank you for the blog. Shall go back to lurking now.

  3. Dont get too clever MPS Probie or I shall have to set Clousseau onto you – It was a mere moment of anger. Even I was unsure how to deal with point 4. I think you understand what I am saying…..

  4. What happened was tragic.

    What ever was that man thinking?

    Back to anger I suppose, about what, we don’t really know, he took that to his grave with him.

    However, many people believe you and all the other officers did what you could and you did it very well under these circumstances, and you have nothing to blame yourselves for.
    It happened that quickly.

    PS What was no 4?

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