Well done Mr Cameron…..

June 9, 2010

The English flag will fly over number 10 during the world cup. Woohoo. Common sense at last. Would Nulabour have flown the flag? Guess we’ll have to ask David Miliband? We all own the flag, not the right wing. There is no reason why it can’t fly over police HQ’s now but I am sure Chiefsies will find an illiterate diversity wala to overrule the flying over police HQ’s. If Mr Cameron thinks it’s Ok to fly the national flag so can Chiefsies. It’s time to say the national flag should not scare people or offend them.



  1. Absolutely.

  2. About time too.

    I worked at a Police Station that had a flag pole and woe betide the Station Duty Officer if the C.Insp saw no flag was flying on one of the days it should have been.

    The Queens birthday and St Georges day were two such days…

    Out of interest I have just Google earthed it. The pole is still there….

  3. Are you serious?

    The police force professes a “non-racism” approach. It then blatantly disregards the fact that no.10 IS SUPPOSED to represent GREAT BRITAIN AS A WHOLE but instead decides to “fly the english flag” on certain occasionst that suits a section of this society.

    You, and indeed all of the police, are nothing more than the strong arm of a repressive, racist system that empowers the rich, hobbles the poor and furthers England’s interests at the (literal) expense of Great Britain’s constituent nations.

    It is disgusting.

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