Good Luck England. But ACC Andy Holt what exactly are you doing there?

June 12, 2010

In all my life I have never seen any celebration like this one; World Cup 2010 is alive in South Africa. Billed as Africa’s World Cup two people were  missed at the opening ceremony; Mandela and a young and very gifted Black opera singer; the latter passed away recently having recorded the opening song. And what a wonderful talent he was.

In the opening game, South Africa Versus Mexico, all you could hear, (from here), was the sound of the  vuvuzela horns. It was mind blowingly deafening. The South Africans celebrated in style as they scored the first goal of the cup and it was a scorcher of a goal too which set the game alight!  Tshabalala! Woo hoo!

Alas in amongst this the UK has sent a team of expert football police officers to assist the South African police in identifying known trouble makers and distinguishing between rowdy behaviour and something which might get violent.

Why we have sent  ACC  Andy Holt still puzzles me. The team of 12 expert officers will know exactly what they are doing, and an ACC is just too strategic; I mean it’s too much of a jolly really. It would have made better sense to leave the strategic and operational matters to an Inspector not  an upwardly mobile career wala. We are in a fiscal climate after all; or don’t budgets affect ACPO officers like Holt and cheekyboy Neyroud?

Todays’ game between The USA and England is considered to be the highest risk match in the group stages. The police there will not only have to worry about terrorism, but they are worried about “thuggish” behaviour.  Let’s hope the mass of good supporters can put out any flare that a minority might wish to start. I could never understand why some violent thugs might want to spoil a party. Good Luck England.


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