The Best thing the country can do….

June 13, 2010

…is to get behind the national goalkeeper and team. What I can’t get to grips with is why, when the result goes against us, our press and supporters always look for someone to blame. I am no expert on football but mistakes can happen anywhere, up front and in-goal; though the upfront mistakes are more easily covered or corrected.

But the press have come out in psychological games. Gerrard, Heskey, Rooney, Terry, Lennon, Lampard, Johnson, Carragher, they all played well. Heskey was superb, winning everything and drawing the opposition to him, giving his side some time and space.

I hope the team ignores the nastiness of the press and comes out playing even better. But this expectation on England is too much; if we didn’t expect so much, we could perhaps enjoy watching the games England play. And perhaps this would let our players play the game.

Psychological games can have an impact even though the games may result in newspaper sales.



  1. sorry this isn’t about your blog but did you know PC South West is back???

  2. ohh paleeese, its only a GAME!!!!

  3. Twining, what grips most peoples ****t, is that these guys are paid a large fortune that I can only dream of, to be better than everyone else. Not only are they not, but they are an embarrassment. Get behind them? Yeah – OK……But only if I’m so far behind that I’m out of sight!

  4. See what I mean?

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