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Last week Nick Griffin was shoo’d away from the Queen’s garden Party.

July 27, 2010

This caused a bit of a chuckle. Queen revokes invitation to right wing MEP.

Anti racism 1 – BNP 0.

Sorry but Griffin outplayed his welcome by politicising the invite.


The G20 result: Ian Tomlinson case

July 23, 2010

I don’t know too much about this case other than the fact that the CPS have decided not to prosecute the officer involved in pushing Ian Tomlinson. The issue here seems to be that there was not the prospect of a conviction for manslaughter because expert opinion was mixed as to whether the push caused the death or not.  The PSD team will be quaking in their heels; just who is going to deal with this inside the Met? I guess the officer will be subject to discipline; the question is; will this result in the loss of his job? There must be a reason, a build up as to why he pushed Tomlinson; there must be.


What the TCC could have said?

July 11, 2010

Why couldn’t the TCC have said something like this:

“I would like to read an official statement; thereafter I will be happy to take any questions, at which point I will try to answer any issues raised. At 7pm yesterday police discovered Raoul Moat near the riverbank in the Rothbury area. At this time he was armed.

Negotiators attempted for several hours to speak with him in order to bring Raoul Moat into safe custody. However, this was not possible. Raoul Moat appeared anxious and disturbed throughout our negotitations with him.  At 1.15am Moat took his own life. During the last moments officers discharged taser; no other firearm was used by the police. A short time later, at hospital, Raoul Moat, was pronounced dead. The death of Raoul Moat has now been referred to the IPCC.

Since the tragic incidents where Raoul shot his ex girlfriend, shot and murdered her current partner, and shot and injured one of my patrol officers, Northumbria police has been pushed to the limit of service delivery. Raoul Moat has left a mark on the history of Northumbria and the Rothbury area. However throughout this tragedy our priority has been to protect the public and deliver our normal services.

These incidents have tested the resilience of British policing to cope with an incident of this nature and magnitude.  There are many debates that will no doubt follow. I remain grateful to the officers and staff on the front line, from all the Forces involved, who have assisted Northumbria police. Finally our thoughts are with the families and friends of Moat’s victims and in this respect I would urge that the press requests some privacy. Thank you, I will take any questions now.”

(1) This isn’t an OSPRE scenario TCC.

(2) You don’t need a cue card.

(3) You can hold eye contact with the press.

(4) Hair should be neat and tied back.

(5) Please ditch the words, “It would appear,” of course it appears….

(6) Please ditch the words, “From the information available,” of course you are speaking from the information you have! Nuff said about Bramshill leadership courses.


There’s nothing left to say….

July 7, 2010

However this picture sums up the debate about arming more police officers. Not many people in the top corridor want to talk about the issues, and when they do it sort of comes out garbled; especially since the current government are cutting everything back. We appear a bit frightened at the highest ranks to discuss either gun crime or hair do’s with the new government. Hush hush.


Is this the same Chief whose Force applied for and received a media award recently? Can’t see why.

July 6, 2010

The issue of gun crime and the ability of the police to respond to those villains who want to shoot police officers has received good attention on gadget’s blog.  We wish PC David Rathband, 42, and his family and colleagues well. And the answer to the title question is, “yes.” This whole video highlights bigger questions, who do we promote?

We need to go back to basics here, discipline, professionalism, ability to speak without a card, looking good, and certainly not with a buffed up hairstyle; it’s the same as allowing spiky hair with blonde highlights. Are such looks professional? What the – is the media department doing? Probably, “yes sir, no sir,three bags full sir,” oops ma’am.


Good on you Mr Yates…

July 3, 2010

The above man, I believe is a good man, a good leader, but the public servants in Government appear to think they understand policing terror better than the police officers that are policing terror. Unbelievable. The Colonial cracks in this Government are now showing.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said public servants should not indulge in “shroud waving” and should be concentrating on getting costs down rather than “alarming the public”. Erm get real Maude, Terrorism is here and it’s here to stay unless you allow Yates and others the freedom to protect the national interests. Get off your horse Maude. I am sure Mr Maude and his government have some police protection from where they can be safe but the public require some protection to. And that is down to the police.

Yates has suggested that shaving 25 per cent from the police budget, as Chancellor George Osborne suggested in his emergency Budget last week, risked weakening defences against al-Qaeda. His comments were made during a private session at the Association of Chief Police Officers conference in Manchester but details of his speech were disclosed to a newspaper by one of the delegates.

Nevertheless Mr Maude said that it was not appropriate for senior public servants to comment in this way. “I’d like to avoid public servants doing this kind of shroud-waving in public. There is a special responsibility on all public servants to be really careful what we say and what we do.” Mr Maude, I am sure you would like to keep certain things behind closed doors but hooray to whoever that leaked this. The public have a right to know that you Maude, and the Government are not watering down anti terrorism.  Mr Maude, where  is your responsibility?

“The problem with speaking the truth as you see it, is the accompanying labels. Those are your badges of honour, wear them with pride; they do not apply to the Keepers of the System.”