Good on you Mr Yates…

July 3, 2010

The above man, I believe is a good man, a good leader, but the public servants in Government appear to think they understand policing terror better than the police officers that are policing terror. Unbelievable. The Colonial cracks in this Government are now showing.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said public servants should not indulge in “shroud waving” and should be concentrating on getting costs down rather than “alarming the public”. Erm get real Maude, Terrorism is here and it’s here to stay unless you allow Yates and others the freedom to protect the national interests. Get off your horse Maude. I am sure Mr Maude and his government have some police protection from where they can be safe but the public require some protection to. And that is down to the police.

Yates has suggested that shaving 25 per cent from the police budget, as Chancellor George Osborne suggested in his emergency Budget last week, risked weakening defences against al-Qaeda. His comments were made during a private session at the Association of Chief Police Officers conference in Manchester but details of his speech were disclosed to a newspaper by one of the delegates.

Nevertheless Mr Maude said that it was not appropriate for senior public servants to comment in this way. “I’d like to avoid public servants doing this kind of shroud-waving in public. There is a special responsibility on all public servants to be really careful what we say and what we do.” Mr Maude, I am sure you would like to keep certain things behind closed doors but hooray to whoever that leaked this. The public have a right to know that you Maude, and the Government are not watering down anti terrorism.  Mr Maude, where  is your responsibility?

“The problem with speaking the truth as you see it, is the accompanying labels. Those are your badges of honour, wear them with pride; they do not apply to the Keepers of the System.”

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