Is this the same Chief whose Force applied for and received a media award recently? Can’t see why.

July 6, 2010

The issue of gun crime and the ability of the police to respond to those villains who want to shoot police officers has received good attention on gadget’s blog.  We wish PC David Rathband, 42, and his family and colleagues well. And the answer to the title question is, “yes.” This whole video highlights bigger questions, who do we promote?

We need to go back to basics here, discipline, professionalism, ability to speak without a card, looking good, and certainly not with a buffed up hairstyle; it’s the same as allowing spiky hair with blonde highlights. Are such looks professional? What the – is the media department doing? Probably, “yes sir, no sir,three bags full sir,” oops ma’am.



  1. Lets hope he gets a good few more pig scum before they get him.

    Shame pig only got a few pellets in the face.

    He should have loaded it with a slug.

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