What the TCC could have said?

July 11, 2010

Why couldn’t the TCC have said something like this:

“I would like to read an official statement; thereafter I will be happy to take any questions, at which point I will try to answer any issues raised. At 7pm yesterday police discovered Raoul Moat near the riverbank in the Rothbury area. At this time he was armed.

Negotiators attempted for several hours to speak with him in order to bring Raoul Moat into safe custody. However, this was not possible. Raoul Moat appeared anxious and disturbed throughout our negotitations with him.  At 1.15am Moat took his own life. During the last moments officers discharged taser; no other firearm was used by the police. A short time later, at hospital, Raoul Moat, was pronounced dead. The death of Raoul Moat has now been referred to the IPCC.

Since the tragic incidents where Raoul shot his ex girlfriend, shot and murdered her current partner, and shot and injured one of my patrol officers, Northumbria police has been pushed to the limit of service delivery. Raoul Moat has left a mark on the history of Northumbria and the Rothbury area. However throughout this tragedy our priority has been to protect the public and deliver our normal services.

These incidents have tested the resilience of British policing to cope with an incident of this nature and magnitude.  There are many debates that will no doubt follow. I remain grateful to the officers and staff on the front line, from all the Forces involved, who have assisted Northumbria police. Finally our thoughts are with the families and friends of Moat’s victims and in this respect I would urge that the press requests some privacy. Thank you, I will take any questions now.”

(1) This isn’t an OSPRE scenario TCC.

(2) You don’t need a cue card.

(3) You can hold eye contact with the press.

(4) Hair should be neat and tied back.

(5) Please ditch the words, “It would appear,” of course it appears….

(6) Please ditch the words, “From the information available,” of course you are speaking from the information you have! Nuff said about Bramshill leadership courses.



  1. I am a bender.

  2. It is a pretty grim example of media relations – had she seriously even been trained? Or had she been specifically trained to look so amateur that the assembled hacks couldn’t be arsed to eat her alive?

  3. Bramshill and the NPIA produce flawed effforts of this nature.

    The Media section of the Force must be pretty incompetent to let this pass.

    TCC, time you realised, your career is not important to anyone; no Chiefs career is.

    What is important is what the front line do; not what you say?

    That’s a poor effort from Bramshill stalwarts.

    Wonder what their leadership course is about?

    Says much about the training.

  4. And Bandit believe me this one like all the others has been trained…..like a robot…no inspiration, no leadership, no charisma……..Those with these characteristics often don’t rise beyond Inspector rank.

  5. Sergeant,

    You disappoint. Yes, a dire performance but why did you give instructions about hair styles and comment implicitly on her appearance? Erm…stereotypes?

  6. Simon,

    I was having a bad hair day! As a general point with hairstyles and hair gel coming in I have seen a flourish of aggressive and bullying attitudes. That was my point.


  7. I would have preferred her to announce

    “Recent events reveal the deep hostility of a minority towards Gestapo methods. Successive governments have shamefully allowed the proliferation of bullies within public services, notably police. We have shamefully stood by, tutting here and there.

    There will be no formal announcement of the inevitable police cleansing. The Chief Constable shielding Gadget will name the traitor before David Cameron has no alternative but to skewer both. Either way, it will begin closure of the UK’s maverick police blogs and herald the creation of the working relationship between police and public, expected within a democracy.

    Every rogue police officer who abused position in any way, or assisted corrupt colleagues to evade justice, or stirred hatred anonymously, will be identified. UK Citizens have the moral right to this information and every moral right to reject by any means if necessary, a State Police growing ever more maniacal.”

  8. Twining,

    David Farley has written a blog about the police working without pay for their first year.

    I find that frightening, I would be interested to hear you opinion on this.


  9. Melvin,

    You do have a beef with Gadget, don’t you? I don’t think Gadget means harm. He appears to be a well meaning person and he has higlighted the silly bureacraticness of policing. Something the bosses won’t speak about.


    • I recall some fine police blogs, amongst which Nightjack was probably most notable. Politely providing well intended assistance from behind the scenes, Nightjack’s insight and eloquence were almost gemlike.

      Unfortunately, Sergeant Twining, times change and standards fall dramatically. Gadget has steadily brought UK police into disrepute and the dimmest of his entourage must sense end game approaching.

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