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Customs staff sacked in race probe

August 18, 2010

Seven Revenue and Customs staff have been sacked for racially abusing non-nationals who claimed child benefit, it has been revealed.

All nine were based at an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) contact centre in Belfast. It is understood they were accused of tampering with computer records, which meant a number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds living in various parts of the UK were paid less money than they were entitled to. All have now been fully imbursed. The resignations and sackings of the nine men followed an internal investigation into allegations of racially-motivated conduct going back to the second half of last year. It is understood the nine men were suspended once the investigation started, but two quit immediately.


Germany closes down Mosque used by 9/11 suspects

August 11, 2010

You can close down where they, (extremists), meet, and then keep on top of them; that is one way. The other alternative is to keep them in one place, leave places where they frequent open, and allow them to carry on spreading hate, but build intelligence up from here. So, which is the best way? The third alternative is to deport extremists.


The Pakistan visit to London 3rd August 2010 is on!

August 3, 2010

“There has been and still is a problem of terror groups in Pakistan that threaten other countries”

David Cameron Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron continued that the world could not “tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror”.

Facts are:

  1. There is terrorist activity in Pakistan. So Cameron has a point.
  2. Let’s face it there were strong Pakistani links to the Mumbai acts of terror a few years ago. I don’t see Indians going into Pakistan to shoot and bomb.
  3. The question is, are the Pakistani authorities doing enough or all they can to combat terrorism?
  4. Should The Pakistan premier have come to the UK or should he have returned home; bearing in mind the devastating floods that have hit his homeland?

Perhaps the Pakistani leader could have postponed the visit, or perhaps he will cut it short; and do what is right and proper; return to the people who need him now.


Recruiting Officer post

August 2, 2010

Here I will try to give an insight into some roles I feel will go under the new coalition governmental regime. The first role I am going to focus on at a time of shrinking  finances is the most important crime cutting role of recruitment officer.

The role of recruiting officer is to:

  1. Work 0800-1600, Mondays to Fridays; with weekends off and lots of half days.
  2. Be able to write up to 5 emails per week to evidence their use of the English language. Doesn’t really matter what the content is.
  3. Be able to engage communities by holding recruitment fairs at recognised religious places of worship and other centres. This is despite the fact that some hard to reach communities will not attend such establishments.
  4. Ensure they have one big van, which carries all their bits and bobs, is fully marked up with “Recruiting Team,” yet sits idle most of the week.
  5. Ensure that they meet with potential recruits and coach them appropriately to pass the recruitment process. Coaching includes checking their application forms and re-writing entire paragraphs or re-writing the whole form. But this must only be done out of the eyeshot of both the HR Director and the Inspector in charge of the Team. If they are ever asked whether they do write forms for candidates they must strongly deny this. The Inspector in charge of the team is to attend all Force Diversity meetings and nod and smile.
  6. Each team will operate with One Inspector; 2 PC’s, one of whom will be Black and or gay; the other female and/or gay; and a part-time administrative police support staff member. The staff wages of each unit will be approximately £120,000.
  7. They must also always smile and be happy. And yes, nod their heads like their Inspector does.

At a time when the front line are facing cuts and there is little or no recruitment; recruitment officers will work alongside Specials training and second as police trainers. Unbelievable, but true. What really do recruitment officers do? Nothing really. Those that want to join the police, irrespective of their background, will work hard to get in. Recruiting officers are just another fancy word for building trust; and that is all. But this is not the way to build trust!