Germany closes down Mosque used by 9/11 suspects

August 11, 2010


You can close down where they, (extremists), meet, and then keep on top of them; that is one way. The other alternative is to keep them in one place, leave places where they frequent open, and allow them to carry on spreading hate, but build intelligence up from here. So, which is the best way? The third alternative is to deport extremists.



  1. Option 1 could reduce the risk of young impressionable types being ‘brain washed’ by a mad mullah.

  2. Yes, yes, the other side that I have just thought of is, the German authorities now need to do the same with right fing fascists perhaps.

  3. There is a fourth way but that makes us no better than they are!!!! Options 1and2 dont work and 3 is not an option unless the BNP and their ilk get in and if they do I will be leaving with them!!! People are drawn to causes for all kinds of reasons mainly because they need to belong to something the more extreme the cause the greater the need.The silent law abiding muslim population do not need that sense of belonging maybe!! because they have adjusted better than the sad inadequates drawn to extremism

  4. XX 3 is not an option unless the BNP and their ilk get in
    by met east london August 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm XX

    What have BNP to do with it?

    Why the Hel should ANY one of sound mind not wish to deport foriegn scum bags preaching hate, and the destzruction of the society which has LENT THEM their home?

    Why the HEL should the tax payer support them, REGARDLESS of political affiliations?

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