There’s nothing left to say….

July 7, 2010

However this picture sums up the debate about arming more police officers. Not many people in the top corridor want to talk about the issues, and when they do it sort of comes out garbled; especially since the current government are cutting everything back. We appear a bit frightened at the highest ranks to discuss either gun crime or hair do’s with the new government. Hush hush.


Is this the same Chief whose Force applied for and received a media award recently? Can’t see why.

July 6, 2010

The issue of gun crime and the ability of the police to respond to those villains who want to shoot police officers has received good attention on gadget’s blog.  We wish PC David Rathband, 42, and his family and colleagues well. And the answer to the title question is, “yes.” This whole video highlights bigger questions, who do we promote?

We need to go back to basics here, discipline, professionalism, ability to speak without a card, looking good, and certainly not with a buffed up hairstyle; it’s the same as allowing spiky hair with blonde highlights. Are such looks professional? What the – is the media department doing? Probably, “yes sir, no sir,three bags full sir,” oops ma’am.


Good on you Mr Yates…

July 3, 2010

The above man, I believe is a good man, a good leader, but the public servants in Government appear to think they understand policing terror better than the police officers that are policing terror. Unbelievable. The Colonial cracks in this Government are now showing.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said public servants should not indulge in “shroud waving” and should be concentrating on getting costs down rather than “alarming the public”. Erm get real Maude, Terrorism is here and it’s here to stay unless you allow Yates and others the freedom to protect the national interests. Get off your horse Maude. I am sure Mr Maude and his government have some police protection from where they can be safe but the public require some protection to. And that is down to the police.

Yates has suggested that shaving 25 per cent from the police budget, as Chancellor George Osborne suggested in his emergency Budget last week, risked weakening defences against al-Qaeda. His comments were made during a private session at the Association of Chief Police Officers conference in Manchester but details of his speech were disclosed to a newspaper by one of the delegates.

Nevertheless Mr Maude said that it was not appropriate for senior public servants to comment in this way. “I’d like to avoid public servants doing this kind of shroud-waving in public. There is a special responsibility on all public servants to be really careful what we say and what we do.” Mr Maude, I am sure you would like to keep certain things behind closed doors but hooray to whoever that leaked this. The public have a right to know that you Maude, and the Government are not watering down anti terrorism.  Mr Maude, where  is your responsibility?

“The problem with speaking the truth as you see it, is the accompanying labels. Those are your badges of honour, wear them with pride; they do not apply to the Keepers of the System.”


The Best thing the country can do….

June 13, 2010

…is to get behind the national goalkeeper and team. What I can’t get to grips with is why, when the result goes against us, our press and supporters always look for someone to blame. I am no expert on football but mistakes can happen anywhere, up front and in-goal; though the upfront mistakes are more easily covered or corrected.

But the press have come out in psychological games. Gerrard, Heskey, Rooney, Terry, Lennon, Lampard, Johnson, Carragher, they all played well. Heskey was superb, winning everything and drawing the opposition to him, giving his side some time and space.

I hope the team ignores the nastiness of the press and comes out playing even better. But this expectation on England is too much; if we didn’t expect so much, we could perhaps enjoy watching the games England play. And perhaps this would let our players play the game.

Psychological games can have an impact even though the games may result in newspaper sales.


Good Luck England. But ACC Andy Holt what exactly are you doing there?

June 12, 2010

In all my life I have never seen any celebration like this one; World Cup 2010 is alive in South Africa. Billed as Africa’s World Cup two people were  missed at the opening ceremony; Mandela and a young and very gifted Black opera singer; the latter passed away recently having recorded the opening song. And what a wonderful talent he was.

In the opening game, South Africa Versus Mexico, all you could hear, (from here), was the sound of the  vuvuzela horns. It was mind blowingly deafening. The South Africans celebrated in style as they scored the first goal of the cup and it was a scorcher of a goal too which set the game alight!  Tshabalala! Woo hoo!

Alas in amongst this the UK has sent a team of expert football police officers to assist the South African police in identifying known trouble makers and distinguishing between rowdy behaviour and something which might get violent.

Why we have sent  ACC  Andy Holt still puzzles me. The team of 12 expert officers will know exactly what they are doing, and an ACC is just too strategic; I mean it’s too much of a jolly really. It would have made better sense to leave the strategic and operational matters to an Inspector not  an upwardly mobile career wala. We are in a fiscal climate after all; or don’t budgets affect ACPO officers like Holt and cheekyboy Neyroud?

Todays’ game between The USA and England is considered to be the highest risk match in the group stages. The police there will not only have to worry about terrorism, but they are worried about “thuggish” behaviour.  Let’s hope the mass of good supporters can put out any flare that a minority might wish to start. I could never understand why some violent thugs might want to spoil a party. Good Luck England.


Diane Abbott is in the running for Labour leadership…9th June 2010….

June 10, 2010

Or is she? Diane simply does not have the potential to lead the opposition, nor can I view her as a Prime Minister. She has little in leadership skills or charisma. Her presence in the Labour race as an issue of ensuring gender is represented is questionable. Let’s face it, Diane is no Obama, she does not have the flair associated with Barack or Cameron . Therefore, figuratively speaking, whether Mr Miliband believes her presence in the race, as the first Black person to stand for Labour leadership, is a great day for diversity, the sheer fact is she will never win this race. Showing willing does not mean that one believes. And being in a race for oneself, not for the whole country is another issue. So one wonders who Diane is in this race for? I am not going to knock Diane, she would be excellent at the side of Miliband or maybe she has it in her to hold a shadow cabinet position but I am afraid this is not a leader that could lead the country. Miliband, on the other hand, is probably the best for the job.


Well done Mr Cameron…..

June 9, 2010

The English flag will fly over number 10 during the world cup. Woohoo. Common sense at last. Would Nulabour have flown the flag? Guess we’ll have to ask David Miliband? We all own the flag, not the right wing. There is no reason why it can’t fly over police HQ’s now but I am sure Chiefsies will find an illiterate diversity wala to overrule the flying over police HQ’s. If Mr Cameron thinks it’s Ok to fly the national flag so can Chiefsies. It’s time to say the national flag should not scare people or offend them.