Below you will find some words used to describe me or the nature of this blog.

(1) “The problem with speaking the truth as you see it, is the accompanying labels. Those are your badges of honour, wear them with pride; they do not apply to the Keepers of the System.” (A friend).

(2) “Twining is a Police Sergeant. He is a fine fellow, who frequently puts his head above the parapet when discussing Race Relations in Britain today – which can be somewhat uncomfortable, I would have thought! He is not afraid, and most of his blogs are about racial matters.” (Dickiebo).

(3) “You’re a lovely fella twining. Good on ya, fella. (Area Search).

(4) “Stay and fight, constructively. The BPA needs people like you to help those who come after.” (Zee).

(5) “An establishment can strangle a BPA, and then a BPA becomes ineffective, but isn’t that what an establishment really wants. Institutional? So, when we say institutional racism we are not blaming everyone. When mistakes are repeated, then you know, that what you are dealing with is not nice….” (Me).



  1. Hi….you told me to read your blog and I have and now I understand what you was saying on Tuesday……PS….I have calmed down now.

  2. Nice to find a conscious brother on the inside, keep up the good work!

  3. You will find a review here from the USA.


    Regards to the USA: Thank you for the review and Good luck to Obama from The Twining Chronicles.

  4. Dear Friends, a little 9-year old girl is crying out for our help. Olga is sick with cancer and urgently needs 100,000 Euro for bone marrow transplantation. Her parents do not have this money, but hope that kind and mercifull people somewhere in the world still exist.

    In order to continue her life, a little 9-year old Ukrainian girl Olga Netyukhailo desperately and urgently needs your help.

    Olga was diagnosed Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) and currently needs 100 000 Euros for bone marrow transplantation from unrelated donor.

    This type of surgery cannot be made in Ukraine, therefore, Olga’s parents brought a girl to Israel. Olga is hospitalized in “Hadassah” hospital (Jerusalem) and is staying there since December 2008. During these 3 month girl has been prepared for surgery – getting chemotherapy and waited for remission. But in addition to cancer, it was discovered that Olga’s lungs are infected with fungus, which makes the treatment more complicated.


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