Customs staff sacked in race probe

August 18, 2010

Seven Revenue and Customs staff have been sacked for racially abusing non-nationals who claimed child benefit, it has been revealed.

All nine were based at an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) contact centre in Belfast. It is understood they were accused of tampering with computer records, which meant a number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds living in various parts of the UK were paid less money than they were entitled to. All have now been fully imbursed. The resignations and sackings of the nine men followed an internal investigation into allegations of racially-motivated conduct going back to the second half of last year. It is understood the nine men were suspended once the investigation started, but two quit immediately.



  1. Customs officers are sacked for not paying full entitlement of benefit money to non-nationals but police officers keep their jobs for killing or maiming indigenous whites.

    We live in a strange country in strange times, Sgt T.

  2. My name is Simon Harwood

    Fuck the lot of you. I killed a man on national TV n got away with it.

    MOPs are faggots!

  3. Ooo cuddles is back………

  4. […] Customs staff sacked in race probe « THE TWINING CHRONICLES – A … […]

  5. A+ would read again

  6. Excuse my straying from topic to mention a serving woman police constable of the highest integrity. Had it not been for this brave officer, yet another miscarriage of justice would have been orchestrated – courtesy of her corrupt male colleagues.

    There will be neither praise nor compliments for her on police blogs because she is PC Rachel Webb, the courageous woman who ‘dobbed in’ that piece of garbage, Sgt Mark Andrews.

    As if his main deed was not bad enough, nauseating attempts to cover up his crime have emerged during his trial.

    Collusion by officer ‘mates’ led to perjury in the witness box and these officers did all they could to compromise the case with deceit and lies. Their evidence obliged the trial judge to refer the liars back to their own Chief Constable.

    We citizens have seen many attempts by rogue police to compromise justice and there are ‘no lessons learned’. In UK courts today, police officers will lie on oath to clear themselves and defeat Justice. Our entire Judicial System has been brought into disrepute by prevalent corruption.

    In general we are no longer served by police, save for the brave ‘few’ and I express fears for reprisals against PC Rachel Webb. Moves may have already been devised to stain by any means, her shining 24 carat character and future career prospects.

    I merely ask of our politicians, “When will the much overdue purge of uniformed criminals and traitors, begin?”

  7. Twining .,…. are you BLACK?????

    Get a new fuckimng act, you fucking public-purse parasite.

    Oops, You don’t actually *have* another routine, do you?

    Sitting on your dead ass and whinging on about “equality” is all that you can do, or are capable of.

    Shit! Whatever happened to the idea of a meritocracy?

    Thus fell Rome.

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  9. fucking hell, chalky, cocoa me old mate….. your blog is kina dying, Ain;t it blue?

  10. I am PC Robin Port.

    I confess.

    … my wife has now left me.

    She says that enough is enough and that I have been in the force for 13 years, and am still only a woodentop, makes her ashamed. And poor.

    I hate.

    … I only joined the Met because I got beaten up at a bus stop.

  11. ….. you still dead, Muvvafucka??

    You still black??

    Where you be, Sergeant?

  12. You still dead, Muvva Fukka? (sucks breath inwards through teeth)

  13. So often we take our freedoms for granted.

    We forget those who put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety and freedom.

    Police officers do more than enforce the law; they serve and protect. Every day, officers go to work not knowing the challenges they will face, but they do know the danger every challenge will bring.

    Rather than think of danger, officers think of courage. They selflessly work to make this country a safer and freer society.

    Police officers sometimes have to make difficult choices. They have to protect those who want to do harm. They do it because they believe in the law. Justice has to be enforced, and they have answered the call of duty.

    Police officers dedicate their lives to preserving justice and safety for us all in this country.

    They continue to protect us from danger and risk their own lives in the process. We should pay tribute to police officers for the sacrifices that they make in the name of freedom.

    “They are our soldiers of humanity. When the devil roars, they shield us from evil”.

    Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

    To each and every one of you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Have a great rest T.

    Steve B

    Thin Blue Line


  14. Hey Sarge… c’mon back and hit em out the ball park with this one:
    Criminologist exposes official 27 year UK Home Office Government scientific hoax. Professors Clarke and Hough’s beat policing model was in fact based on premise of Zombie Cops and so is effectively Voodoo Criminology. This detailed article is a must for all policing myth-busters.


  15. Hey where did you go to. Any chance of coming back?


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