Happy Diwali 2009

October 15, 2009

All, we wish all police officer’s and colleagues, all 140,000+ and other supporters a Happy Diwali. It’s still a sad time for us; we have lost two very special people, one old, (mum), and one young, (nephew). Miss you both lots. We found the below link which refers to a top 10 of police blogs. Gadget is there at 8 and we are there at 9.

Top Ten Crime Blogs

This is an update of a piece e-justice did a while back on the 50 top detective blogs. I wanted to see who’s still plugging away at it, so I did a  blog lit review and condensed it down to my top 10 (what’s sad is I was challenged to come up with ten, many of these great sites are now abandoned or shut down)

All of these sites are well written and extremely well designed, enjoy:

1.   LAPD Blog. Detailed descriptions of crimes occurring in LA. Nice use of Compstat data

2.   The Philosophical Cop Police Blog. Blog offers stories, advice, and he also enjoys answering “Ask a Cop” questions. Love this guy, only wish he’d post more often

3.   The Johnny Law Chronicles. This popular and hard-hitting blog brings plenty of information, news, and opinion about being an officer. Well done, well written.

4.   Crime, Guns, and Videotape. Written by an ex-detective from Chicago. Clearly has an ax to grind with the current Administration, but I love a contrarian.

5.   Bonnie’s Blog of Crime. This blogger posts crime stories, some of which are closed, but most are open and ready for readers to offer any help they can with missing persons and similar incidents.

6.   The Malefactor’s Register. Read about true crimes from the early 1900’s to present day in this well-done blog. For when you want to get away from it all, but you don’t wanna get away from crime.

7.   The Investigator’s Notebook. This real-life PI in Dallas, TX. Nice and Noir.

8.   Police Inspector Blog. This ex-British Army soldier is now a police inspector in the rural England. Extremely funny.

9.   The Twining Chronicles – A British Police News Feed. A black police sergeant, Twining blogs about race and policing in an honest and direct manner that is worth having on your blogroll.

and finally one that is not on the e-justice list but has always been a personal favorite:

10. Coolopolis is Kristian Gravenor’s study of Montreal. More than just a crime blog, it often focuses on the city and its sleaze. And it has some of the best photographs of the city I’ve ever seen.



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  3. You can no more resist the draw of Diwali than forget a beautiful face.

  4. Nothing to do with the post but kudos for showing PC FLETCHER’S pic Twining.

  5. Dr Gray, true one cannot forget a beautiful face.

    Met colleague – We must not forget PC Fletcher. There are others also that the service must not forget. Thanks bro, you’ve given me an idea.

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